Let It Be Sunday, 232!

Let It Be Sunday, 232!

Hello friends, happy Sunday!  We made it to this sweet sweet day.

This week I’ve been trying my best to move blocks out of my way. Obstacles in travel, challenges in relationships, blocks in writing.  I’m acknowledging them and with my mind’s eye, literally pushing the unwanted stuff aside.  The visualization hasn’t made things perfect by any stretch.  In fact, maybe pushing too hard is what caused me to drop an entire bottle of laundry detergent on the floor… but there’s a lot to be said for persistence, and trying, and being on your hands and knees scooping laundry detergent back into the bottle.   

Is Mercury retrograde almost over because I’m sure doing my best to power through.  Beyonce says we’re limitless and I choose to believe her, ya feel? 

I hope this day treats you well.  I hope there are oatmeal cookies and cold watermelon chunks (or whatever your heart desires).  The offering this week is below.

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